Another plot tour

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

It is a very cool and pleasant morning in SWIN.  Is this really August?

Last Monday, John, Brandon, and I accompanied our Nutrien consultant, Greg Anthis, to a soybean plot in nearby Daviess County.  There, we examined and compared a few DynaGro varieties.  We found one in particular that interested us.  It was a soybean in the 3.5 maturity range.

John, center, explains his ideas about what he looks for in soybean traits for 2021.

Greg pulled a few plants so that we could compare the flowering, pod set, and root systems.

John closely examines this soybean plant while Brandon checks the literature for information about that variety.

It is always interesting to check out the roots of soybeans. Here, you can see the little spherical nodules of bacteria. This Rhizobium bacteria has a synergistic effect on the soybeans, because it takes nitrogen from the air, and converts it to a form useful to the soybean plant.

We came away from this trip with information that will add a DynaGro to our list of varieties to consider for 2021, identified as 35EN99.

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