Nice day

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

It is a very nice day in SWIN.  The sky is a bit overcast, and the temperature is 77ºF (25C).  The humidity is at 86%, making it feel a little ‘sticky’.  Even so, it is a pleasant day to be outside.  I think I need to mow the yard this afternoon.  After all, it’s been 5 days since the last mowing!  No brown and crunchy yards this August.

I’m in the office most of the morning, making appointments with seed dealers to develop our plans for wheat for 2021.  That is complicated with trying to sync up the schedules of the seed folks with the 4 of us!  Since our regular seed company, Bayer, does not offer wheat seed, we have some flexibility to discover the best from other companies.  We will be meeting with professionals from Beck’s, DynaGro, and Pioneer.  From those meetings, we will select which varieties we will plant this fall.  Wheat planting for us typically starts on September 25.  We are planning to devote a more intensive level of agronomic management to our 2021 wheat, in order to (hopefully) improve the yield result.

On Monday night, we received the remnants of the “Iowa derecho”, with 1.7″ (43mm) rain.  The wind was not a factor…gusts went up to 22mph.  Not like the 100+mph that tore across Iowa.  Still, I spent Tuesday morning driving around to our fields to check on them for any wind/rain/hail damage.  I found no damage.  In fact, the double crop soybeans (DCB) look pretty good.

The DCB at the Dunn farm. This old hill never looked any better than it does right now.

Still blooming, and the pods are beginning to set.


Harvest prep continues with cleaning and servicing the trucks.

Brandon likes to make the trucks shine.

He’s lubricating the drive shaft, not taking a nap.

With the help of her friend Sue, Pat has been cranking out the canning of green beans, tomato juice, and beets.  Our kitchen has been like a canning factory for several days!

Some of the green beans from Pat’s canning efforts.





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