It’s hot out there.

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Yes, summer has returned… it feels like August again.   We have had a few very cool mornings and pleasant temperature days in the 70s!  But that has disappeared.  It is 94ºF (34C) with 55% humidity.  So, it feels sticky when you’re outside.  I have been using several days this week and last week to mow with our bush hog around and along our fields.  This is to clean up the appearance of the roadsides.  This should hold until harvest.  After harvest, we often use the bush hog around the perimeter of many fields to make them look better, too, for winter.  It is a task I enjoy doing, and I really like the ‘after’ appearance.  It’s not a bad job to take on when the days are this hot!

Working along US 50 near Wheatland

It was a little wet with dew, but the weeds and grass were cutting nicely early Monday morning.


Here is an ‘after’ shot showing what I think is an improved roadside appearance

Looking west on Monday morning as I mow along US 50. Of US 50’s 3073 miles, the 2 or so miles along our fields look nicer today.

This strip along US 50 near our Cox farm is kinda steep, but it cleans up nice when mowed.

Meanwhile, the Brandon and John have been cleaning and servicing trucks and tractors.  They are now ready, and looking pretty good.

Polishing up those aluminum wheels.

Canada geese occasionally stop by our farm.  I think these live nearby in Vincennes, but they travel the area and visit us from time to time.  No, we haven’t seen any birds flying south just yet.  Some of those stop by here, too… just not yet.

We have some visitors to the farm today. They are messy, but they look nice, eh?

And, on this hot day, we are seeing the early indications that the soybean crop is ‘turning’, or getting mature and ripe for harvest.

The Cox Hill field is showing some yellow leaves, getting ready for harvest.

Harvest time will arrive soon, we’re estimating in about 3 weeks!   I think we are ready.



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