At the urging of my son Philip, we are now publishing a website for our family farm, Carnahan & Sons, Inc.  My website skills are under development, along with this site.  It is our attempt to allow those near and far to get to know us and have a general feel for what our life is like here on this southern Indiana grain farm.  We love what we do, and we hope that comes across through these postings and pages.  We fully realize that we are so blessed to be able to live and work here in rural Indiana, and earn our living doing something so significant.   So, just browse a little, and let us know how we can improve the information presented here.  Thanks for stopping by our site!

-Dennis Carnahan

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  1. Dennis, I happened upon your website a few weeks ago and I enjoy reading it and keeping up on Carnahan Farms. Back in the early fifties your dads farm was only about a mile or so from where my dad had a small farm. Our place was just at the bottom of the hill at Smith Electric (the buildings were torn down years ago). I remember Ross but do not remember you because we moved in 1956. Doreen Grigsby, Ross’s wife was in my school class at Fritchton. Your dad must have been a very shrewd man to have survived all the years and turmoil that farmers went through, Many didn’t make it. Glad that things went well for you guys, but good planning means everything. The idea of a website is great, I really enjoy it! Good luck always. Dwight Brawdy PS Where is Shiela ( your sister) these days?

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