Construction update

Saturday, May 12, 2018

This week saw some significant steps occur on the construction of the replacement grain elevator leg.   It is now standing upright, ready for the electrical connections, the installation of the belt/buckets, and the connection of new downspouting.

Here are some pictures from Thursday, when the big crane came to lift the top section into place.

The crane begins to lift the top section. 

The top section swings into the correct position

One of the guys from Montgomery Welding installs the bolts that permanently connects the trunking.

The upper leg section is anchored perfectly upright by the cables fastened in specific spots around the elevator.

Today, we are feeling more confident that we will be ‘fully operational’ by the time the wheat crop is ready for harvest.

We will haul the old leg components to the scrap yard in Vincennes.  But we still have the electric-powered distributor.  It was installed up there in 2011, and has some good service life left in it.  It is for sale, so if you know if someone needs a replacement 10-hole, 8″ Creamer Metal Products powered distributor, have them contact us.

Have a nice weekend.  Make sure that the “Moms” have a great Mothers Day!



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2 Responses to Construction update

  1. Renee Klein says:

    Wow, what an operation. Whats next in farming on the carnahan estate!! Ray would be so amazed and excited to see what is going on. God bless

  2. casifarm says:


    Thanks for keeping tabs on the website. And thank you for your positive comment on what we’re doing here. Yes, It would be great to share these times with Ray. We miss him dearly. Hope we get to see you this summer!


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