End of #plant18

Saturday, May 12, ,2018

This week saw the end of #plant18.  Tuesday, Ross finished the corn…and yesterday evening, I got done with the soybeans.  The planters are stopped now.  The corn planter is back in the shed, but the soybean air drill remains hooked up.  We will need it in just a few weeks for planting double-crop soybeans (DCB) or perhaps there will be some replanting needed.   The last couple days of soybean planting were a concern as it is becoming quite dry.  On Thursday afternoon and Friday, I planted the seed as deep as I ever have, trying to get them down into the moisture.  I have heard of some neighbors who are waiting to finish planting until after the next rain.   Time will tell which is the correct plan!

We have some pictures to share of planting.  John took some with the drone on Thursday.

Working on the last pass at the Nellie farm.

An overhead shot of the 9520R, the 1910 air cart and the 50′ 1890 no-till drill

Ready to fold and go to the next location…

Starting on April 28 with corn and April 30th with soybeans, the planting went in pretty well.   There was only one rain delay of a few days.  Even with the later start, it feels like the planting was timely.  We must remember:  just 12 days ahead of planting, we had snow!  And the temperatures were quite cold until the end of April.  Those cold days are but a memory now; it’ll be 90ºF today!  It’s like we went from winter to summer, skipping spring altogether.

There is a new, short video on our YouTube site.  Just click on the YouTube icon at the top of this page.

Now, we will turn our attention to other tasks:  Preparing the combines for wheat harvest, spraying some ditches, mowing roadsides, spraying fungicide on wheat, and finishing the construction on the new grain elevator leg.

Have a pleasant weekend.  Celebrate “Mom” properly!


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