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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The place is busy today.  Extra busy.  The electrician is here, and John and Brandon are assisting him to pull the wires to the top of the new elevator leg.  It will take two sets of wires:  one to go all the way up to power the 25 hp motor; the second set to control the powered distributor.  The millwrights are here, preparing the bin tops to receive their downspouts.  I worked on installing an additional camera to the back of the air cart, so that I can see the front of the no-till drill as I am planting.  Brandon did the 50-hour lubrication of the drill… a long and difficult task.  He found a broken bolt that took several minutes (and trips back and forth to the shop) to get replaced.  Luckily, we had a 5/8×6 bolt in our bolt bin to replace it.  And there was an oil leak on the drill, that just needed some wrench work to snug the fittings back up again.  It’s the climbing around over the drill that makes it a little tougher to do!  I’m experiencing some trouble with the Gen 4 screen in the tractor…it won’t ‘boot up’ correctly, so I’ve been directed to disconnect the battery cables to do a ‘hard reset’.  We will see if that makes it work!

I want to wash the 9520R tractor, and put it inside the shed, out of the sun, until we need it for replant or double-crop soybeans (DCB).  We think the full sun is the enemy of the paint on your equipment.

In the distance, Russel Lashley, our project electrician, measures out the eleven different colors of wires  that will be pulled up to the distributor.  It’s kinda like Joseph’s coat…

Before pulling them up the conduit, he labels each one with identifying numbers to eliminate any confusion in connecting them at the distributor about 100 feet above the ground.  It takes 20 separate wires to operate the distributor.

After pulling those wires up to the distributor, the guys are connecting them to the proper posts.

Here is the new rear-facing camera on the back of the air cart. It will allow me to monitor the front of the NT drill as I am working.

Here is the leaky valve body that we fixed today.

Brandon found one of these two bolts that hold the gang hinge broken. It was not completely simple, but we got the broken one replaced.

Derrick and Jake prepare a bin top to accept a new downspout.


9520R.  It’s on the wash pad, waiting for a decent bath.

The equipment always looks better after a good wash job.

It’s hot out there, about 90ºF (32C), but it is cooler by 4 degrees than yesterday.  We are praying for a good, gentle, soaking rain.  An inch would be terrific.  It has been quite dry here…the baby corn is not suffering yet, and most of the little soybeans are emerging.  The concern is for those soybeans planted last Thursday and Friday…will they have just enough moisture to spout, and then the soil dries out around them and lets them die?   There is rain in the forecast for each of the next 5 days, but the percentage is <50.

Tomorrow may see me take out the Gator to spray some sprouts in ditches.  There are 4 locations in particular that need attention soon.

The weather contrast between south and north Indiana is striking for the past few weeks.  Those northern farmers can’t seem to get the rain to stop, and those of us in the south can’t seem to get one to come!  But we will trust our Maker to provide…

And yes, the hard reset of the Gen 4 got it correct again.

There’s the Gen 4 (4600) looking as it should.


Have a happy week.


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