Wasn’t expecting that

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We woke up to a a blanket of snow!  We saw flurries as the day closed yesterday, but during the night, it covered the ground.  It’s one of those wet snows, sticking to tree branches and poles and any thing outside.  The roofs of every building are white this morning.  There was some freezing rain in this too, and the roads have patches of ice.  Even with this snow, local schools are “on time” this morning, but schools in some nearby counties to the east are having 2-hour delays.

Just yesterday morning, this is what we saw…

Quite a contrast this morning!

Every tree and plant is coated with snow

Looking out the lane

Does this look like planting time in SWIN?  Not today, but this beautiful white coating surely won’t last very long…

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