Chilly Friday

Friday, March 16, 2018

It was much colder outside today than yesterday, and the cloudiness and wind increased the chill in the air.  Even so, it was a busy day for a Friday in mid-March.  We took the time to service our field cultivator.  We found the rolling basket on the back had some broken mounting bolts that needed to be replaced.  That task took more time and energy than the other maintenance, which was to check and pack the wheel bearings, inspect for worn-out sweeps, and to correct the tire pressures.   We even had to make a trip to town to find the right-sized bolts to replace the broken ones.

John and Brandon performed the maintenance on the field cultivator today. It’s too big to unfold inside our shop, so the task was pretty cold today. I assisted some as their ‘gopher’.

We got a call from our DeKalb/Asgrow dealer, and he requested we send the seed trailer over to CPS where the seed is receiving its fungicide treatment.  When we send the trailer there, it reduces the number of big bags he has to transport back to his inventory.  So, it’s a win-win when we can pick up our seed at the treatment plant.

First load of soybean seed is now in our inventory. Really looks nice in the hopper trailer.

The electrician came by today to survey his part in the replacement of our old grain leg.  He offered some suggestions for powering the pit auger.  He took measurements, and evaluated the requirements to get the new system powered.

We were mostly pleased with the Boilermakers’ play in their NCAA first-round game vs Cal State-Fullerton today.  It is a relief to get a win under our belts.  We’ve learned over the years never to think that a Purdue win in the tourney is automatic!  Purdue’s center, Isaac Haas, has been reported that he is out for the rest of the tournament, due to a fractured elbow.  Doggone it.

Have a happy weekend.  Rain is predicted for tonight.  100% chance, they say.   Time will tell.

We are inching closer and closer to #plant18.

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