Back Home Again in Indiana…

Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Pat and I took a week to go down to Disney World… We had a wonderful time down there.  But now we’re back to the farm, and engaging in the interesting work of finishing the farm’s fiscal year… November 30.   That requires a lot of communication among the farmers here as we scrutinize the inventory, define year-end expenses, and arrange the plans with the accountant.  The guys have been delivering corn and soybeans to market to fill the November contracts.  So, it’s been busy here while Pat and I were down in Florida.

At Animal Kingdom

The studios were a fun place to visit

We met the “big cheese” himself at Epcot

Magic Kingdom is even more enjoyable after dark

Grain gets delivered most days during the winter.


The Tony truck is getting loaded to go to market.

In other news, my new pickup has arrived.  It took 15 months of waiting after the order for it to arrive here at the farm   I think it was worth the wait!

F-150 King Ranch Edition

We hope you take time to really think about your Thanksgiving celebration.  It is a very special and unique American holiday, and can be significant in its meaning.  It causes us to pause and ‘count our blessings’.   That’s probably something we should do each day, but at least we have a good reason to concentrate on it on this holiday.

At home, we haven’t started with the decorations for Christmas, but that may come at the end of the week.  I have a knee replacement surgery coming soon on December 7, so we will want to get done what is needed before that date.   The knee replacement will be done at our local hospital; the surgeon has an impeccable reputation, and he utilizes some kind of robot to assist his work.  I am praying for a reasonable recuperation, and that when it’s done I won’t walk like Chester on Gunsmoke!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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