November duties

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

The march of fall activity moves on.  The dry fertilizers for next year’s corn and soybean fields have all been applied.  We are monitoring the condition of the stored grain in each bin.  The calculations and planning for the end of the farm’s fiscal year on 11/30 continues.  Conversations with the accountant are ongoing.  The clean-up of the machines has been completed, as well as some after-harvest maintenance and repair to the JD S780 combine.  Grain deliveries will kick in again next week.  John is setting up some video monitors around the farm to enhance security.   Brandon and Jake have been cutting down some sprouts and brush from some of the farm’s ditches.   Maybe it doesn’t sound like much is going on, but there are important tasks taking place.  Admittedly, the hours at work are not as long as when we were in the crush of harvest.

John put a ceramic coating on this JD 6145R tractor. Shines like new (maybe even better!) For sure it is #Andyclean

The combines are shined up and packed away in the shed for winter

Our 2023 wheat crop has been struggling to get started.  The dry September and October were excellent for harvesting, but not-so-great for the wheat.  Now that we have received some rains recently, another flush of seeds are sprouting.  Those bare patches are now beginning to show little green plants about one inch tall finally getting started.  Not the best start for the crop, but it’ll finally look better soon.  These warm days are a bonus to help it get going.

More wheat is finally getting started!

Yesterday, I had some preliminary testing done at our local hospital in advance of a knee replacement in early December.  There was a CT scan and some blood tests, and an EKG.  I think I passed all the hurdles.  They gave me some exercises to do 2x/day to prepare.  I hope I’ll be ready.  Maybe by new year’s I won’t walk like Chester on the old TV show Gunsmoke.

Another couple significant and long-awaited things will happen today.  At home, the installers are hooking up a Generac generator, which was ordered 15 months ago.  And, I’m going this morning to bring home my new pickup, which was also ordered 15 months ago!   I’m pretty hopeful that these new items will be worth the long wait.  (Insert your comment here about the supply chain issues.)

The November weather has been holding out pretty nice.  We have had several days this week that are in the 70s, with bright blue skies.  As we were headed off to Washington, Indiana last evening for a HS girls’ basketball game, we could see the yellow moon rising over the horizon.  It was brilliant, and looked twice its normal size.  The night was almost as bright as day with the glow of that full moon!  We are expecting below-average temperatures over the weekend into next week.  That will be less pleasant, but not surprising.  This is southern Indiana after all, not San Diego!   Plus, the colder temperatures makes it feel like basketball season!

The brilliant and clear blue skies of November at Carnahan & Sons

Enjoy your day.   As Thanksgiving approaches, please remember that every day is a good day to count your blessings!




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