A good first day of #harvest18

Thursday, September 13, 2018

We got started on corn harvest yesterday.  We worked at the home farm, and got out a couple fields.  The soil was a little softer than we would have preferred, but it was to be expected after the 8.24-inch rain we got last Saturday.  The bottoms of the WASCoBs were the softest, but we got along okay.

The moisture levels were not uniform; we saw numbers from 18.8 to 24.1, but the average moisture was about 21.4.    The yield was pretty good, maybe even above expectations, with the numbers running above 200, about 220 average.   That makes us pretty happy, even when prices are depressed, you feel better with higher yields.

Ross makes the first pass of #harvest18 along the lane at the mailbox field

Unloading on the go makes for a better day.

A view to the main farm from the corn field in the afternoon

At day’s end, we were treated to a spectacular sunset!

The only glitch to our first day was a broken chain link in a drag conveyor under our ‘wet’ bin.  That occurred about dark yesterday, but John and Brandon’s diligence got it repaired in less than an hour… the dryer was going again.  It ran out of wet grain about 8:30 this morning.

Today, we received more good news.   The White River crest at Edwardsport has been lowered to a tick to under 19 feet.  That certainly is a plus for us, and we are pleased that number is lower than the once-predicted 22 feet.

We will have much more of our soybean crop survive at sub-19 feet rather than the full destruction we expected at 22 feet.

We are prepared to pick corn again today.  The Bill and Brandon have returned from their early-morning delivery run to ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.   The dust will be flying again soon!  Soybeans are still about 10 days from being ready.

This morning we fueled up the S680 for another day’s harvest work.

The weather forecast is good for the next several days.  It’s time to bring in more corn.

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