A nice visit

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yesterday evening, our sister Sheila and BIL John came by for a quick visit.  They had been out visiting with friends in western Indiana, and they made their way here, too.  They took a quick ride in each combine as we were finishing up at the Harry farm.  They accompanied us back to the main farm, and stayed just a little longer before making the trip back to Rising Sun, in the SE corner of Indiana.   It was a great visit, even if a short one.

Ross, Sheila, and John

We fueled and serviced the combines.  Brandon made sure to blow out the air filters.

S680 gets fueled up.

Here is a final report on the recent White River flood event.  It was so much different from what we could have expected… a huge rainfall all across the river’s basin from Knox County northeast to Indy and beyond…made us think we would see a 23 or 24 foot river crest.  That number would have wiped out our crop in the bottoms.  But it never quite made it to 19 feet… and that is a number that gives us only a little damage.

The river report from last weekend, was a mostly happy one for us. And see how the river dropped almost as fast as it came up. Now, it’s back down to about 2 feet.

More soybeans today, and for the next several days.  The dew of the mornings seem to take a long time to dry off, making the field starts happen about noon!  But there is plenty of things to do in the mornings to prepare for the day.  Starting tomorrow, we will add another morning task–filling the fuel wagon to take to the field for servicing the combines.  We don’t bring them home every night, just when it’s convenient.

This week has been quite hot, with daytime temps 90+ degrees.  No cool down is expected until the weekend, and then, temps in the 80s next week.  And there is only a slight chance for rain on Friday.  Looks like good ‘bean harvesting weather’.

#harvest18 moves along…


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