Blue Sky Day

Saturday, November 25, 2017

You couldn’t ask for a nicer late-November morning.  The sky is a brilliant, clear blue with no clouds and a gentle breeze.  The temperature is supposed to get up to the mid 50s… not bad at all.

Can you believe how deep blue is the sky today?

It was just the same yesterday, and I used the afternoon to put up the outdoor Christmas decorations.  Yesterday morning was spent putting up the tree and adorning it with lights and ornaments.  We drag the boxes up from the basement, and the box with the tree is quite a sight to see… seemingly held together with more packaging tape than there is cardboard!  Ben was home and he helped with the box-carrying.

Our tree is old, over 25 years now. It takes a couple hours to build it and attach the decorations. But the result is nice.

We also put up the Christmas tree in the farm office today.  It is a “Charlie Brown” tree, like in the classic TV special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas”.  Simple but cool.

The special tree adorns the office conference table.

Thanksgiving was a small, quiet celebration this year.  But it was a pleasant time.  And we did express our gratitude to our Maker for how He cares for us and for the hope He brings to our lives.

I had an appointment with a USDA survey-taker this morning.  Roberta was the name of the survey-taker, and we met in the farm office.  I had sorta dreaded this one; it seems like I’m always on the list to do these surveys.  But the representative was pleasant and patient.  So, it went faster than I expected, and was not quite as intrusive as I had imagined.  But, you know, I just filled out another USDA survey online a few days ago.  And the nice lady this morning told me there is another Census of Ag coming in January!   No wonder that there are more employees in USDA than there are farmers!

The new JD GPS receivers arrived this week.  They will be more accurate, and they will acquire (or connect to) the satellites faster.  This should make our AutoTrac driving more uniform, and our machine-generated records more accurate.  We will go from using the SF2 signal to a bit more accurate SF3.

One of the new JD StarFire 6000 receivers. Shiny.

We stayed up a bit later last night to watch the Boilermakers play Arizona in the “Battle for Atlantis” tournament.  It was a game we had been eagerly anticipating, but we had planned that it would be for the championship, not 7th place!  The big win last night sorta made up for the disappointment of the previous two games.

We continue our preparations for the 2018 crop year.  And the 2017 crops continue to go out the driveway to market.

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