Thanksgiving week

Monday, November 20, 2017

We woke up to 29ºF (-2C) this morning.   As the day progresses, the sunshine is abundant, and we will top out at 52ºF (11C).  The sunny day brightens your outlook.

Corn is going to market today.  Brandon is on his 3rd trip to GPC.  Not a bad day.  With the week shortened by the holiday, there are fewer unload appointments available.  Brandon often checks those out as they come online at midnight.   That gives him good position to find unload times that fit his schedule.

Brandon and Ross’ son Dirk had a very successful time at the AQHA World show in Oklahoma City last week.  They had the top two places in their “Pole Bending” event!  They continue the tradition of success that Ross has had in OKC for all those years.

We hope you have a wonderful celebration on Thursday, and that you have many reasons and opportunities to express your gratitude.

Have a good week.

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