Back at it

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

We had a nice Memorial Day holiday, with good weather and good family time.

John has returned to spraying soybeans today with the first-pass post-emerge treatment.  We will assist him by keeping the water supply truck located nearby his work.

Brandon has the grain bins swept clean, and all our inventory is now overhead in the load-outs.  It won’t take very many trips to the elevator to declare us MT (empty) of 2014 corn.

So, the tasks continue, but at a pace that feels less frenetic than planting time.  Maybe if you asked John, he’d say there is still some pressure to get the spraying done accurately and on-time!

The predicted rains of Monday and Tuesday have not occurred, and that leaves us hoping for a gentle rain this week.  It is beyond amazing what is happening in Texas and Oklahoma, so we should be grateful for our situation… and prayerful for those in the southern plains.

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