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Tuesday, October 10, 2023

We should finish regular-crop soybeans today.  We moved in to the Freddie farm yesterday, and had a good day cutting there.  Although the dew is quite heavy and there was some fog in the area, we will cut again there this afternoon.  The Freddie farm is in the White River West Fork bottomlands, and is our most distant location.  If we get done there this afternoon, we will move the machines home and get them ready to harvest corn.

Cutting soybeans at Huey last Wednesday

We have about 3/4 of the corn acres yet to harvest, and all the double-crop soybeans (DCB).  The DCB are mostly yellow now, and should be ready by the end of the month.  So, weather permitting, we should get #harvest23 all complete in October!

After harvest, there will be several days of clean-up of the machines.  And there is still many loads of corn to deliver to fill the fall contracts.  If the field work is done, there is still many tasks to perform!

Now that many fields are ‘cleared off’, we have engaged our local Nutrien  plant to begin applying the granular fertilizers, mostly P & K and micronutrients, to prepare for the 2024 crops.

Applying food this morning for some 2024 soybeans.

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