Monday, October 31, 2022

We got some rain!   It started yesterday morning, but let up in the afternoon, so that we could get our granddaughters’ soccer games in.  Then, in the evening, it came some more.  Altogether, we got .8 to 1.0″  (20 to 25mm).   It was VERY welcome.  September and October were unusually dry, which was very good for soybean and corn harvest, but not-so-good for the emerging 2023 wheat crop.  Plus, the danger of fires was pretty severe.  So, this was a happy thing to happen here!  The rain drizzled through the morning today, but the afternoon has been cloudy but dry.

We did some repairs to the S780 combine first thing this morning.   We replaced the two elevator chains.  The old chains were the originals, and quite worn.  That was a tough job, but the guys persevered.

The final wash item made it into the shop today.  The 9520 tractor got its wash late this morning.  So, now the machines are all shiny again.   That seems to put the final touch on the 2022 crop.  Of course, we have the stored grain to deliver that will occupy many days during this post-harvest winter season.

Loading the Tony truck with soybeans for tomorrow’s deliveries.

The dusty ‘before’ picture…

…and the ‘after’. Much better, no?  Is it #Andyclean?

Still quite busy with office work as we are developing our crop budgets for 2023.  We are seeing some significant increases over the costs for 2022, most notably for seeds, nitrogen, and, herbicides.  Once we can calculate our cost per bushel, it makes for more confident marketing of our products.    Yes, these are based on estimates (as far as yields are concerned), but the cost of the inputs is becoming pretty much defined by now.  It is amazing now what it costs to plant a crop!   Our crop budgeting files go back to 2002, and the changes over 20 years are really something.

November promises to be a month packed with activity….but at least there shouldn’t be any late nights!


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