Clean-up continues…

Friday, October 28, 2022

The great clean-up continues at Carnahan & Sons.  Today, it’s time for the green combine.  The first action on it was to take it out to a nearby field, and use the air compressor from the ThunderCreek Trailer to blow off the dust and debris.  Then, it goes on the wash pad for a soaping and scrub brush.  The final rinse makes it shine like new, which is our goal on cleaning day.

The guys use the air compressor in the ThunderCreek to blow away the debris from the S780 combine.

A good wash now will make this S780 look like new again.

Not much remains to be cleaned.  I think the JD 9520R tractor is the only thing that still needs a good wash.  It saw no field action this fall, but got a pretty thick coating of dust just sitting in the open-front shed near the grain elevator!

Other things going on:  The local Nutrien plant is quite busy working for us.  Fertilizers are being spread on next year’s corn and soybean fields.  A few select fields are getting ag lime today.  Lime is a powdery substance that when applied raises the pH of the soil.  The soil’s pH is a critical agronomic factor.  It is the first consideration to get right, in order for all the fertility and the pesticide action to work properly!

We have a young neighbor, Dustin Hatton, who has brought his dozer over to perform  maintenance on some of our terraces here at the main farm.  He is doing a very good job.  Our WASCoBs need a little sediment pushed out every few years.  And every so often the terraces on contour need a little refurbishment.  They are getting Dustin’s touch this week.  Once he finishes his work, we no-till plant some rye as a cover crop on the freshly-turned soil to protect it from erosion this winter.

Lime going on today

Here, Dustin works on a contour terrace to restore its functionality

After Dustin’s repair work on this WASCoB, this is the No-till drill we use for  planting rye to protect such newly-worked soil areas from erosion over winter.


It’s a pretty nice day, about 60ºF (15C).  The cloudless skies reveal bright sunshine.

Have a great weekend.

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