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Friday, July 15, 2022

I’ll be out soon with the sprayer this morning, applying some fungicide and insecticide to the soybeans at the Holscher farm.  Greg from Nutrien, our crop consultant, tells us that there will not be any other soybean field ready for the sprayer until next week.  So, I’ll catch that up this morning.  As I’ve been going around to fields this week to evaluate the progress and examine if any treatment is necessary, I’ve been pleasantly surprised, pleased, and grateful for the appearance of the crops.  For mid-July, they look pretty good.  PTL!

Here are some examples of what I’ve been seeing.

Corn at the Pond farm.

Soybeans at the new Leser farm

DCB at Crook

I’ve also been doing some roadside spraying from the seat of the John Deere Gator.  I like to stop the johnsongrass and other weeds along the edges of fields or on the ditch-banks.  This new Gator is a treat to use, with its air conditioning.  During the spraying, I’ve got the window rolled down to spray with a hand-gun from the driver’s seat.  Cool air blows from the dash as I’m working.  But then, when I’m driving to and from the field, I can roll up the window and it’s pretty comfortable.  I recall the first time I saw this kind of Gator, I thought, “Wow, that’s too much luxury!”  But, when we found this year-old one that we could afford, we were happy to bring it home.  It has been a good addition to the farm.

The miles are racking up on the Gator… here is the odometer reading from yesterday. It’s due for an oil change!

As we wrap up the week, we are reflecting on the good (so far) crops, and counting our blessings.  Yes, there are challenges, but we are grateful for the way things are growing in the summer of ’22.



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