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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

It’s a hot afternoon out there.  But even in this heat, the guys from Kiesel Enterprises are here installing some more components to the new grain bin.  They have pretty much installed the conveyor on the roof that will take grain from the new leg.  Next, they will fabricate the 10″ downspout to this conveyor.  Then, the construction crew will install a new auger into the unloading system outside the bin to connect it to the existing grain system.  With that auger, we can take grain from this new bin and place it in the overhead load-out bins.   Finally, another crew will come soon to perform all the electrical work.  Then, the project will be complete.  We’ve been very pleased with Kiesel’s construction work.

Installing the roof conveyor

The roof conveyor will help fill the bin with grain.


This morning, at John’s request, I went down to the Huey farm to apply the fungicide/insecticide to two fields of soybeans.  Now, that task is ‘caught up’ until next week.  Tomorrow, John plans to apply the first herbicide pass to the DCB here at the Home farm.

Brandon has been keeping the farmstead looking good with the mower.  We will soon be replacing this mower with a new model.  Those machines seem to be hard to find these days.

Brandon puts in a lot of hours on this JD Z970R mower.

As we pass midweek, we are pleased that the JD 9360R tractor has returned to the farm.  It has been in the local dealer’s shop for 3 1/2 weeks, with a fuel injector problem.  It finally took an ECU (Engine control unit) replacement to get it going.  An ECU is a little box about 8″x 8″x 2″, crammed full of electronic circuits and boards… a ‘brain box’, if you will.  It’s good to have it back home in our shed.

Have a good week.




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