So grateful

Friday, July 8, 2022

Yesterday afternoon, the clouds rolled in with a nice rain across SWIN.  Here, we received 1.2″ (31mm) of much-needed rain.  It’s the topic of conversation everywhere you go, and everyone is smiling about it.  I am certain that there are many people saying prayers of thanksgiving all around the region.  According to the report we received this morning from Climate Fieldview, our fields saw 1.1″ to 1.9″ of rain yesterday, depending on the location.  Nice.

Watching the rain come down…PTL!

Even though we had received a couple rain events of .3″ (8mm) on June 25 and July 2, the very high temperatures (near 100F) were baking the crops.  One farm we operate is on land that is a reclaimed coal mine from over 40 years ago.  At that location, the corn was strongly showing the effects of rolling up its leaves and having a white cast to the leaves.  When that happens, it’s hurting.  But after this rain, it looks pretty healthy again!   Much of the corn we have is tasseling, and it is quite helpful to the pollination process for the temperature to come down into the 80s instead of the high 90s!

A good side-effect of the corn tasseling is the sweet, sweet aroma.  I think it is the best smell in nature, even above fresh-cut grass!

Tassels are emerging!


In other good news, we walked the double-crop soybeans with our consultants on Tuesday morning.  From their evaluation of the stand of DCB, no replanting is needed!   Wonderful.

The DCB loved the rain too.


On our bin project, Kiesel Enterprises finished the bulk of the bin construction on Wednesday.  The structure is complete, with the fans installed, the unload system set up, and the stairway finished.  Remaining work will be the installation of a conveying system on the roof, with a downspout from the elevator to it.  You have to have a way to fill this tall, new tank!  There will be an additional auger added to connect the bin back to the elevator.  And for the final part of the project for Kiesel’s, they will fabricate all the electrical wiring, connections, conduit, and controls.  After that, we will get our concrete contractor from last summer to return to place some new paving and drains around the new construction.  The process of this bin construction has been amazing.  It has been decades since we added storage here, so it was quite interesting to watch the progress.

All fresh and clean inside, just about ready for some corn!

As we end the first full week of July, we are rejoicing about the rain.  More is predicted for today.  Have a good weekend.


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    Thanks for the update. Amazing work!

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