A beautiful rain

Saturday, July 2, 2022

I awoke this morning to a wonderful sound–  rain gently falling.  It has been very dry here for a few weeks, and we have been praying for rain.  The double-crop soybeans (DCB) really needed some moisture.  We planted them into dry soil, and there was no chance for them to get started until it rained… we got .3″ last Saturday night.  While we were very grateful for that rain, it concerned us that .3″ would be just enough rain to let the bean seeds sprout, and then the soil might dry out around the little sprouts and they might die in the dry soil.   That would require a re-planting of all the DCB.   But this morning’s rain will certainly be a help…maybe not the complete cure for which we were praying, but enough to allow a sufficient stand of DCB.  Of course, I’ll replant whatever becomes necessary, but it would be a great boost if that is not needed!   In checking with our seed supplier yesterday, there is an adequate amount of replant seed available… he will assist me on Tuesday to evaluate the ‘stand’, and make the call on replant–or no replant.   Also, the forecast has some more chances of rain for the next 3 days, and that would be welcome, too.

Out my front door this morning…

There are a few DCB coming up!

We almost have our wheat forward contracts filled.  The wheat market has been dropping significantly, and causes us some concern about how to market the remaining unsold bushels.  It is really good quality wheat, with heavy test weight, and below 13% moisture.

Bill pulls away in the Volvo just after I finished loading his truck. The wheat looks very, very nice in the trailer!

On the bin-building project, it finally reached its 19-ring total height yesterday.  Now, they are ready to install the unloader and the aeration floor components.

The new bin now has all of its 19 rings in place.

The unload auger runs from a spot in the center of the bin towards the door. It will be underneath the aeration floor. You can see the initial parts of the floor supports beginning to be placed in position at the far side of the bin.

With most of the bin components finally moved out, we can put this equipment back under roof!

Again, we are grateful for this morning’s rain.  Have a wonderful weekend and Independence Day holiday.


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