Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Not many days left of 2021.   Many people will be pleased to see the old year go.  Yes, we look ahead to the new year with optimism, but looking back on 2021 is not all bad by any measure.  In many ways, 2021 has been good to us at Carnahan & Sons.  We harvested our best-ever wheat, corn, and soybean crops this year!  The double-crop soybeans were not best-ever, but still very good.  So, the result of the crops of 2021 were very happy and satisfying.  We are grateful to our Maker who provided the good weather for the bountiful harvest.

We look ahead to another year of planting and harvest in 2022.  Much of what is planned is already ‘in the works’.    Inputs (seed, fertilizers, and chemistries) were purchased and paid in November 2021.  Now, it is up to us to use each window of opportunity to give our ’22 crops the best possible chance to thrive.

There are a few new machines coming in 2022.  A new NH3 application machine is coming, but may not arrive in time to use it in the spring.  That is puzzling, for we made the deal for it back in July… it was unthinkable that it would not arrive for spring ’22 work.  But the dealer is telling us they don’t have an anticipated delivery date yet!   Also, we await the arrival of a new hopper trailer.  We are hopeful that it will arrive in May when promised.  The biggie of the improvements for 2022 is also in the works.  We signed the papers last week for the construction of a new grain bin.  It’s been decades since we increased our grain storage and conditioning capacity.  It will be a very welcome addition.

It’s a rainy day here in SWIN today.  Not a problem.  I even heard some thunder very early this morning.   The temperatures for the past week have been much above average, getting almost to 70ºF (21C) yesterday.   Today, it’s 50ºF (10C) and really feels cooler, but that too is above the average of about 40ºF (4C).   The forecast shows below freezing days beginning next week, so the real feel of winter is on its way.  That’s okay.  In fact, I’d prefer it be down to about 20ºF (-7C) and stay there for a couple months.   It’s probably a good thing I’m not in charge of that.

Just think… 12 weeks and we will be back in the fields!  When you express the future plans in terms of weeks, it makes the time seem not very far off.

So, Happy New Year!   May you find success and happiness in 2022!

Got the Gator in the shop and gave it a wash.

John has the Demco tender trailer out of the shop. He is at a standstill until more of the components arrive.

Brandon delivered some corn to market this week. More will go out in January.

Last week when I was taking a steroid, I rarely slept… so I caught the view of several sunrises like this one.


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