First day of Winter

December 21, 2021

Up before sunrise this morning, my plan was to cut up and pick up the downed limbs in the backyard that last weeks windstorm knocked down.  It was not very fun, but nothing compared to what the folks in Kentucky are going through!  I wanted to work back there while the ground was still frozen, for the temperatures in the afternoons have been in the 40s.  It was 24F when I went out with the Gator and a handy Milwaukee battery-powered chain saw.  First cut with the saw, and I saw sparks flying from the chain.  Yuck.  That worn-out thing would not cut the proverbial hot butter.  So, back to the shop to search for a new/better chain.  Found it!  After replacing that chain, I zipped through the cutting of those limbs in practically no time!  It took a couple loads of branches filling the bed of the Gator to get them all hauled away.  And I finished before the thaw.  It turned out to be a glorious day, with bright sunshine!

Frost on the roof this morning…

Tomorrow morning while it’s frozen, I plan to take the Gator down to the Huey farm and bob off a few sprouts in the ditch at the far end of the big flat field.  The Gator sure makes that easier–   I can pop back into the cab and warm back up between cuts.  We will see how that goes… the ground may be too soft, but it may be okay for an hour or two…that little Milwaukee saw in pretty neat.  It seems I just can’t get that conventional Stihl saw started anymore.  So, with the Milwaukee, no pulls are needed, just push the button!

Last night, I got a few pictures sent to me from Mackey Arena.  Sons John and Ben met up there and got to see their Boilermakers.  It was against a team called “Incarnate Word”, and I wondered why such a team was on our schedule.  Well, the answer to that came when I learned that the UIW coach is a former Purdue player, Carson Cunningham!   It was good to see that he is coaching.  Ben tells me he received a very warm reception when he was announced at the game.

So, my granddaughters Ella and Molly caught their first game in Mackey Arena!  And it was a big win, too.  It was great to see them there, and also great to see “the brothers” sharing a moment.

Molly and Ella at Mackey…

Have a good evening, on this shortest day of the year.   It’s always a big mental turnaround to know the days will be getting longer… One step closer to planting season!  Be here before you know it.


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