Welcome, 2022

Monday, January 3, 2022

The new year has arrived at Carnahan & Sons.   The trucks are busy taking grain to market.  Early January is a busy, busy time at grain elevators across the Midwest .  It’s almost like the harvest time rush!   So, there will likely be some hours of waiting in line for the next several days… at least through the first and second weeks.

John is hooking up the snow blower to the 6130R tractor.  After an unusually warm week, it has turned much colder.  Snow is predicted for Thursday…and we will be ready if there is much accumulation from this snow event.  It would have been nice to have snow for Christmas, but that is a rare event in SWIN.  In fact, it was near 70ºF (21C) on Christmas day!  It is more typical for us to receive snow in mid-January and through February.  But March can also bring snowy days.   We even had snow last spring on the 20th of April!  I remember driving home at the end of that day of planting soybeans with snow in the air.

I can’t tell you how old this snow blower is, but John did a restoration on it a few years ago, and it looks like new.

When John restored this snow blower a few years ago, he added a hydraulic motor to the spout.  You can turn it now from inside the tractor… before, you had to go out and move it by hand!  


As soon as we get some of the soybean seed in at the dealer, I can begin to write the 2022 planting prescriptions.  The prescriptions for nitrogen fertilizer for corn can be done this month, too.  That is a somewhat tedious exercise, but perfect for cold and snowy days–  it’s warm and comfortable in the office!

We have had some daffodils emerge in the flower beds at home.  I think  they will regret popping out this week.   But those things are pretty hardy, they should be okay when spring really gets here.

Little daffodils…you’re a bit early!

So, we are entering a new year of work on the farm.  I’m busy in the office working on financial projections and the cash flow.  That cash flow document was begun last summer.   I refine it as we go along, making edits to improve its accuracy.  Our banker will need that as we work on the line of credit renewal this summer, but I use it to predict and monitor our financial status throughout the year.

2021 was a pretty good year here at Carnahan & Sons.  Let’s move ahead into 2022 with hope and faith and optimism.

Happy New Year to you all!





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