Rainy days

Monday, July 12, 2021

Wow, a very rainy time has set in.  We received 1.5″ Saturday and a couple more tenths yesterday.  That was on top of Friday’s .7″.  And rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow night.  If this was Arizona, we’d call it monsoon season.  But these rains are welcome events to help the corn, soybeans, and newly-planted double-crop soybeans (DCB).  It just makes it a little more difficult to find a window to apply some herbicide to soybeans, and do the mowing on roadsides.   The roadside mowing is beginning to feel a bit urgent to me.

Gotta get this rig rolling again this week. Dad called this kind of work “beautifying the homestead”.  He’d really like this JD 6130R tractor and the R15 rotary cutter.

We had a visitor over the weekend.  Steve Conaway from Kansas, came to SWIN to attend the 2021 Purdue Farm Management Tour.  We became acquainted with Steve through #AgTwitter.  We met up with Steve Thursday afternoon at the Indiana Master Farmer event associated with the Tour.  On the Friday of the Tour, he got to meet several great people including the Dean of Agriculture at Purdue, the President and VP of Indiana Farm Bureau, and even the Lt. Governor of Indiana!  He spent a couple nights with us, and we certainly enjoyed his company.  We hope he had a pleasant and productive time here in Indiana, and that he benefitted from taking in the Tour.  We said our ‘good-byes’ on Saturday morning, and as he left, a light rain was falling.

Steve Conaway was a wonderful guest.

The right front tire of the Gator was getting bald, so we picked up one at the local JD dealer.  Seems like that’s the only place we can find matching tires.  But the surprise for me this morning was that Brandon mounted the new tire to the rim, and I didn’t have to take it to a tire store!  He has many talents!

Off with the old, on with the new…

So, we will work this week in between showers of rain to improve the appearance of our roadsides along our fields.  And, if the weather permits, we will apply some Roundup WeatherMax to a few areas of fields where johnsongrass is beginning to re-emerge.   Soon, we will need to put down the first application of herbicides to the DCB.  No, we don’t have a perfect stand of beans, but it’s good in most places, and adequate in the remainder.   This rainy time will help those get established.

Have a good week.  Next week, our Knox County Farm Fair begins.  Established in 1809, we claim that it is the oldest county fair in the USA!


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