Busy spray week

Friday, July 9, 2021

We kept the JD R4044 sprayer quite busy this week.  The main goal was to get the fungicide application on the soybeans at the proper R3 stage of growth.  Between John and me, we got the job done by noon yesterday.  What a good feeling!  This removes some of the work pressure on the sprayer job.  We have some ‘clean up’ areas of johnsongrass in some fields to spray with Roundup WeatherMax (glyphosate).  But after last evening’s rain of .9 to 1.7″ (23-43mm), that will be delayed a couple days while the soil dries down.  The double-crop soybeans (DCB) are emerging from the wheat straw, and with a (mostly) good, consistent stand.  They will need a herbicide application in a week or 10 days.  Fields are looking pretty nice this early July.

Ride along with me as I spray at the Cox farm…

Another good thing happening today is that the soybean planter, a JD 1910 air cart + 1890 no-till drill, gets put away for the season!  I’m always eager to get that thing going in the early spring, but also eager to get it put away in July!  This is another milestone of the summer, when that machine goes into the quonset building down at the Huey farm.

The air drill behind this 9520R tractor will go back into storage today!

I attended the 2021 Indiana Master Farmer event yesterday down at New Harmony, Indiana.  This award is sponsored jointly by Indiana Prairie Farmer magazine, and Purdue University’s College of Agriculture.  One of this year’s recipients is Craig and Kim Williams, long time friends from Oaktown, Indiana, and I went there to celebrate with them.  It was a very wonderful ceremony, with 250+ farmers from across Indiana in attendance.  It is hard to imagine that it was 20 years ago, when I was blessed to become an Indiana Master Farmer.   Attending the annual event has become like a grand reunion!   This award ceremony is held in conjunction with Purdue’s annual Farm Management Tour, where 3 farm operations host visitors and conduct mini-seminars.  This year was in Vanderburgh and Posey Counties, and concludes today.  We were honored to serve as one of the host farms on the Tour in 2011.

It’s VBS week at Wheatland Christian Church… what fun!


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