Various clean-up tasks

Thursday, July 15, 2021

There are several varied tasks getting done today.  Brandon is cleaning up the corn planter.  He cleaned out the seed boxes and row units, and now is giving it a wash.  It will be put away today for #plant22.

On the wash pad

After the planter gets put away, Brandon will be out in the Gator to spray to field edges of waterhemp and/or johnsongrass.

Bill is delivering wheat to ADM in Newburgh.

I will be back into the JD 6130R with the R15 rotary cutter, making the waterways and roadsides look better.  There are still several days’ worth of mowing to get done.  Perhaps next week, it will feel ‘caught up’.

Mowing the grass road at the Huey farm.  I like the ‘after’ look.

Mowing a waterway at Huey

Looks better behind!

We need to apply some Roundup WeatherMax to 3 or 4 fields of soybeans, but the ground is too soft to do so.  Soon, the double-crop soybeans (DCB) will need a herbicide application, too.  That can be done in a couple days, but those fields are also too soft (wet) to get across them.

Today is a very hot one, with 90+ degrees expected.  I’m glad I can do a task that calls for being in the cool cab of a tractor.


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