Rain and other good news

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Rain today.  That’s good.   With last night’s .3″, we have about .6″ (15mm) total.  And it looks like the light rain will continue until early this afternoon.  I guess we could not ask for better.

Weather station report from 11 am today. 0.31″ rain since midnight.

We received more good news yesterday.  Our crop consultant Greg Anthis of Nutrien went with Troy Clawson of Bayer to evaluate the 3 fields of soybeans that had been flooded by White River.  In their report, they recommend a very limited number of replanting be done–only in the very lowest strips in the sloughs.  So, I’m looking at <20 acres of replant instead of >200 acres!   I hope to get that replant done next week, or as soon as the soil dries from this rainy spell.  Then, the soybean air drill can be cleaned out, washed up, and put away.  Yes, I’m always eager to get the soybean drill out and prepared in late March, and by July I am eager to get it put away.

Mowing went well yesterday afternoon.  I worked at the Ross, Watjen, and Lett farms.  At Lett, we planted fescue on a small and very steep area a few years ago.  It gets mowed each year.

More good news:  The first tassels are coming out on the earliest-planted corn fields.  Oh, how I love that aroma–better than fresh-cut grass!  The  old saying about “knee high by the 4th of July”, has now become “tasseling by the 4th of July”.  I think most of the soybeans are now “knee high”.

It’s good to see these tassels, and good to smell them, too.

Before taking off with the KW to deliver wheat to ADM in Newburgh, Brandon washed the grain cart and placed it into storage.  It shines like new.  You might say it is #Andyclean.

Next week could be hectic with the replant and sprayer needs, but today, it is a time to be thankful.

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