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June 30, 2021

John is feeling a bit overwhelmed today.  Looming ahead of his next week is a number of acres of soybeans that will need a herbicide application, and then every soybean acre needs an application of fungicide.  And to top it off, the stage of growth is not quite ready for these applications.  So, the work is piling up… and when it does get to be ‘just right’, he’s gonna be under the gun to get it done!

We pulled the JD R15 rotary cutter (what JD calls a bush hog) out of storage yesterday.  It is connected to the JD 6130R tractor.    We used it a bit in late May to mow some roadsides, and now it is time to get it rolling again.  After tomorrow (July 1),  we will be able to mow the riparian strips on ditch bank levees.  So, next week will have some potential to be packed with activity… spraying herbicides and fungicides, mowing roadsides, and delivering wheat to market.

Pulled the rotary cutter out of storage again to place it into service. I really enjoy this task, and appreciate the ‘after’ look.

Rain is predicted for this afternoon.  We got some drops of rain yesterday afternoon.  You could see the rain just on the other side of US 50.  And there were scattered storms yesterday, with .1 to .4″ in various locations across Knox County.  So, we have received a bit of rain here and there, but no general inch+ of rain across all fields.  Hope that happens today!

You can see the rain across US 50 from the farm.

Have a wonderful Independence Day holiday!



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