Warming up

Friday, June 4, 2021

Warmer days are in the forecast.  Mid 80s are coming, or at least we hope so!  We have not had many days in the 80s.  Instead, we’ve mostly had days in the 60s with nights in the 40s for much of May.  But now that June has arrived, it appears we will be getting some much-needed warmth!  We look forward to many clear and warm days this month.  According to poet James Russell Lowell, “What is so rare as a day in June?”

This forecast from my Weather Channel app on the phone shows some warmer days ahead.

The corn crop has had its over-the-top herbicide application.   Almost all the first pass of post soybean herbicide has been applied, only two fields remain.  Those two may have to wait a few days, for we had almost 3″ (76mm) of rain Tuesday night and Wednesday.  The warmer days will allow those fields to dry down a little sooner.  John is out pressure washing the sprayer now.  He keeps it pretty shiny, and services it exactly as directed by the owners’ manual.

The pressure washer helps John clean the sprayer.

The combines will be coming out of the storage barn soon to prepare them for the wheat harvest, only 2-3 weeks away now.  It’s usually pretty hot during the time we cut wheat.  Also, we are waiting for our dealer to deliver a new JD platform that will see its first use for wheat harvest.  It has arrived at the dealer, and they must complete the set up.

There remains quite a bit of assembly to get this new header ready to hang on the front of our JD S780!

Wheat harvest week is often hectic, to get the grain brought in safely and timely.  There is also some urgency to the planting of double-crop soybeans (DCB) in the wheat stubble.  There will be a herbicide application to the DCB, and perhaps we will then call the summer crops “laid by”.

Once the wheat is delivered, we have some concrete projects here at the farm.   A grain bin is getting a new aeration floor and completely new unload system.  There is some painting that needs to occur.  We are constantly looking for ways to improve, to make the work more convenient, safer, and/or more productive.  Preparations for fall harvest will start in late July or early August.

It is astonishing how fast we got to June!  The calendar pages are turning quickly in 2021.  June is an exciting month to watch the development of our crops.  The soybeans and corn seem to push upward very rapidly during this particular month.  And it is always a happy thing to have a new crop to harvest–the wheat.  There is also time for Ross to participate in a few horse shows, and for me to take in the granddaughters’ softball games.   Until the wheat crop is ready, we can have a little bit of a normal life!

The cycle of farm life is set on “repeat”.  Although most days have some unpredictability built into them, the system of grain production evolves, but yet stays the same, too.  Planting and harvest, spring and fall, bring us new challenges and opportunities.   All in all, it’s pretty neat.

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