A good rain, and another repair

Friday, May 28, 2021

Yesterday afternoon and evening, we received a really nice rain.  We got between .7 and 1.0 inch (18 to 25mm), depending on the location.  It was wonderful, just what we’ve needed for the crops, and we’re grateful.   John finished the corn crop post-herbicide application yesterday afternoon.  We think that the corn is now ‘laid by’– a term that means you have finished with any maintenance or treatment needed until harvest.

This was the radar as the storm passed through SWIN. We were just on the north edge of the more intense storm, at the mix of green and yellow radar signatures

This was leading edge of yesterday afternoon’s rain clouds

John took the water trailer to the local Nutrien plant, and got it switched over to apply soybean herbicides next week.   Also, now today, Brandon is performing another brake repair, this time to one of our Wilson trailers.  I think he will be replacing the tires, too.  Stuff only lasts so long.  Gotta have it up to par when it’s time to haul wheat next month!

Another brake job…

Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


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