Wheat prep

Monday, June 7, 2021

The combine headers came out of storage today to begin preparation for wheat harvest.  The MacDon FD75 header is being checked for soundness of the cutterbar knife, and it will get a lubrication.  Soon, we will hang it on the front of the CIH 8250 combine to check the calibrations and make sure they are functioning properly.  The JD 640FD is getting replaced with a new JD RD40F header, which has finally arrived at the dealer…just in time to be ready for wheat harvest.  I will request a tech to come and validate the calibrations and adjustments on the new header once we attach it to the S780 combine.  All this will have to happen in advance of the first wheat harvest day, which will likely arrive in the last 7-8 days of the month.

There was another rally in the corn market today, and Ross took the occasion to sell the remaining bushels of corn from our inventory.  Soon, we will be MT (empty) of all grain from the 2020 crop.

John is wrapping up the first pass of post herbicide on soybeans today.  He will return to those fields about a month after this pass in order to apply a layer of Roundup WeatherMax to stop the johnsongrass.   The sprayer is John’s summer home!

The weather this week is predicted to bring us a little rain every day, with temperatures in the low 80s.  We won’t refuse that, for sure!




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