Summer (like) work

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Summer is still about 4 weeks away, but some summer jobs are being performed now.

John is out putting down a layer of post-emergence herbicide, which includes some Roundup WeatherMAX and Liberty.  For our Asgrow XtendFlex soybeans, we opt to use the dicamba exclusively for  pre-plant burndown, and then use the Liberty for any post needed.

The new JD R4044 sprayer with ExactApply technology is working pretty well.

John makes the first pass along the edge of the Roberson farm

I have also been out with the JD 6130R tractor and the R15 bush hog (JD calls it a ‘rotary cutter’).   I work mainly on roadsides this time of year.  I must wait until July 1 to mow the riparian strips along ditch banks.  (FSA regulations).   And, this afternoon, I took out the Gator to do some spraying of sprouts and thistles on the ditch banks at Huey.  It’s been a busy day.

This is how the R15 looks from the cab of the tractor. It is doing a nice job of mowing the grass road at the Huey farm.

2021 is going by very fast.  It’s hard to think that in about 4 weeks, the days will start getting shorter again…

Have a wonderful weekend.


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