Post spraying

Monday, May 24, 2021

John is out with the sprayer again today, applying a post-emergence herbicide to selected corn fields.  The herbicide mix includes Atrazine 4L, Laudis, and Roundup WeatherMAX.  There is bit of anti-drift agent in the mix, too.  There has not been much wind since Friday, and John is taking advantage of this window of opportunity.  He was occupied with spraying soybeans all weekend long, and made good progress on that, too.

Here is a screen capture from JD Operations Center. With OpCtr, I can observe John’s location and check his progress.

This page of OpCtr shows the ingredients in the sprayer’s tank, and the rate at which they are being applied to the corn field.

It feels like summer out there today!  90ºF (32C).   A nice inch of rain would be welcome; there is a chance of that coming on Wednesday.  We are predicted to have another day of near 90F, then 10 days of high 70s and low 80s.

More good news… all the replanted corn and soybeans are now sprouted and growing!



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