Last field of #replant21 soybeans

Wrapped up the replant of soybeans on Monday evening.  Yes, that will be all of it…unless and of course we have some yet unforeseen flooding or other event that damages some of our fields.    But, I’ve unhitched the tractor to put it inside, just figuring that machine is done until we hook back up to plant double-crop soybeans (DCB) after the wheat is cut.

Here is a little video from the last field of soybean #replant21.

In other good news, Ross is out with the CIH 420 Quadtrac and the 2150 corn planter, doing the #replant21 corn at the Freddie farm!  Here is a short video from early in the planting season to show how the planter runs.

Brandon has been busy in the shop, replacing the brakes on the Peterbilt.  He found two wheel seals that needed to be replaced, too.  Took him about a day and a half.

John is spraying first post-emerge pass of herbicide on some soybeans.  The work just keeps on coming.  I’ll be out with the JD 6130R and R15 cutter to improve some roadside appearance of our fields.


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