Wheat developments

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

As I was finishing up the #replant21 of soybeans earlier this week, John was finishing off the final application of fungicide to our wheat crop.  Yesterday, our  DynaGro wheat consultant, Landon Taylor came by to evaluate the progress.  He gave another optimistic report.  The wheat is in full flowering mode, and beginning to make the seeds in the heads.   It is standing straight and of medium height.  Although we are weeks away from the late-June harvest, we are hopeful for a good wheat crop.  Yes, a hailstorm could flatten it, but so far, so good!  Here are some of the pictures Landon sent to me with his report.

The heads are beginning to develop

You can see that the wheat is flowering

Landon says the tiny seeds are starting to form

We have been hoping for a small rain, something an inch or less.  Well, we got .2″ Monday and .1″ Tuesday.  A little more would be welcome, but it looks like there is none in the forecast.  We think this will be okay for a while as the little corn and soybean plants are becoming established, and the replanted soybeans are emerging.   I would expect Ross to be able to do his corn replant very soon at the Freddie farm.  That situation seems to be improving as he waits, as more and more spikes of tiny corn are sticking up through the soil.   He still must do some corn replant there, but maybe not quite so much.


We got to attend our granddaughter Molly’s kindergarten graduation last evening.  It was great to see a packed gym at South Knox Elementary, as we celebrated her achievement.

Molly with a poster of her favorite President.


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