Soybean #replant21 is done

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Yesterday evening, I wrapped up the replanting of soybeans.  It was more acres than I originally thought, but the replanted beans went into the soil in very good condition.   We are now receiving a light rain, and it is welcome.  A good half- to three quarter-rain would be a happy thing, and it appears from the forecast that we just might get it.

If you look at a diagram or map of the route the tractor and air drill took while I was  replanting on some of these hilly fields, you’d be surprised!   On flatter fields, I took a more logical course, moving back and forth in regular passes, dropping the air drill in to fill in the gaps.  But on the hills, the beans went back into places where the field cultivator ran in the valleys.  Here are a couple screen captures from the JD Operations Center App.

The planting pattern route is not a random as it looks for these hilly fields…

These flatter fields required a more typical planting pattern.

The video of replanting soybeans in this flat field shows where I could use the Autotrac to guide my passes over the field.

We still have a few acres to replant for corn.  After this little rainy spell, that’ll get wrapped up.  Today, things look pretty good for the middle of May.  After washing up the 9520R, trying to make it #Andyclean, it will be back to the bush hog for me.



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