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Wednesday, May 12, 2021

After a very lengthy ride in the Gator this morning, I discovered that there will be much more #replant21 than I thought last week.  Big areas of the Huey farm, as well as the Pond and Cox are just nearly bare of sprouting soybeans.  Fields planted on April 26 and 27 are the worst, along with a couple from April 17.  So, there will be hundreds of acres of replant, not just dozens.  I have contacted our seed dealer and our crop insurance agent.   They sprung into action to get us replant seed and the approval from the claims agent to move ahead with the replant.  Some of the acres I might be able to get across tomorrow or Friday, but most of the places still have some standing water!  That may be more than a week before I can return there.  Yes, it has just been too wet and too cold for too long.

I guess I need to remember the many acres that do not need me to return, where the stand of soybeans looks really nice.  It is not unusual for me to do some replant, and this spring is no exception.

After a very chilly overnight, we are now up to 58ºF with a bright blue, sunny sky!   I hear that some 70s are coming this weekend!  Warmer will be better.

John is out spraying fungicide on the wheat today.


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