Quick crop check

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

It’s a sunny but cool morning.  We started the day out at 48ºF (9C).  The high today is only supposed to reach 63ºF (17C), which is about 10 degrees below average.  (I hesitate to use the word “normal” when referring to the weather) With that reduced temperature, the emerging seedling crops are moving rather slowly.  In a little trip around to some fields this morning, I discovered that the latest-planted soybeans are just now cracking through the soil.  It’s a good feeling to see them coming up.  Warmer weather would be better.  It has been a rainy week, and more is predicted for tomorrow and the weekend.  Because of this rain, it can be confirmed that there will be some #replant21.  Dozens of acres (at least so far) will need a touch up as soon as the fields dry out again.

These little soybeans were planted on April 27, nine days ago. It is a little surprising that they are coming up given the cool and wet days we’ve been having.

I checked on the wheat this morning, too, and discovered that it is beginning to ‘head out’.  It will soon need an application of fungicide.  We hope the weather will allow that to occur as planned.   Dad always told us we need “a cool, dry May” to make for a good wheat crop.  Well, we have been experiencing the “cool” part; the dry part?  –not so much yet.  The wheat continues to look pretty good.  It makes us hopeful for a good harvest next month.  But it’s a long way from ‘done’.

Our wheat has been treated with a growth regulator to keep it short. That makes it less likely to fall down or become ‘lodged’ ahead of harvest late next month.  Downed wheat is nearly impossible to harvest.  It is about “knee high” today.

Here is a typical head as it appears this morning. If we get it treated with a timely fungicide, it should develop very well to maturity with good quality soft red winter (SRW) wheat.

We will continue to monitor the progress of the emerging crops.  So far, so good!


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