Rainy Monday

May 3, 2021

We had rain overnight and this morning, totaling .4″ (10mm).  That was just about perfect!  From the big rain last Wednesday (3.3″), some fields had created a crust that would have made it difficult for the little soybeans to emerge.  But this rain event will soften the soil surface, making it much easier for the sprouting soybeans.  Most of the soybeans are now out and growing, and also much of the corn.  At this stage, we are optimistic (is a better word ‘hopeful’?) about the 2021 crops.

Baby corn is spiking through!

Soybeans are emerging this week, as the soils warm up

In conferring with Greg Anthis at Nutrien, he estimates that the wheat crop will need its final fungicide treatment late this week.  It is our hope that by then, the soil will dry and firm up, making that trip possible.  It is preferred that we make that application with our new JD R4044 sprayer, rather than hire an aerial application.   But there is such a small window of opportunity (a mere 24-30 hours)  for this fungicide treatment, that we will have to hire a crop duster, if we cannot drive over the wheat fields.

Brandon is out delivering some corn to the market at ADM in Newburgh, Indiana.  The river bids have been very competitive in recent weeks, and it is to our advantage to deliver corn down there.

We may have a few acres of soybeans to replant, in small areas where water ponded after last week’s rain.  But it appears not to be hundreds of acres this spring, but a few dozen.  Time will tell.  We will know more in a week or two.

As the soils dry down again, I’ll be looking to hook up the new JD R15 cutter to the JD 6130R tractor and begin mowing some roadsides.  It’s early for that, but will improve the looks of the place.

This rainy Monday is helping our 2021 crops!

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