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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

#plant 21

We are not experiencing a drought in our part of Indiana, but in this region the fields are drier than we would expect for late April.  This has allowed us to move through our planting work without much delay or problem.  The machines performed well without much down-time.  Our work for #plant21 is almost done.  At least that’s the situation today.  Ross got done last Friday with his corn planting, when working at the Freddie farm.  That farm location is the exception right now.  In the middle of that 320 acre field in the White River ‘bottoms’  is a slough that is slow to dry out.  In a week or two, hopefully, Ross can return to complete the planting of that low ground, about 20 acres.

Yesterday evening, I was able to wrap up the soybean planting.  I had waited until the last  to put in the beans at Cox and Waldo.  In those fields are a couple low spots that are slow to dry out, and quick to flood.  But yesterday, they went in beautifully.  So, #plant21 is wrapped up for soybeans.

This afternoon, the weather services are predicting a potential ‘flash flood’ event.  If that really occurs, we will likely be moving into a bit of #replant21.  But as of this morning, all is looking pretty good at Carnahan & Sons.

We detached the air drill from the JD 9520R.  The tractor was washed.  It was pretty clean to have worked all through the spring soybean planting–not as much mud on it as we typically see.  The tractor can remain under roof until it is time to plant double-crop soybeans (DCB) in late June…or until a need for some replanting arises.  The last time we finished planting in April was 2012, the famous Midwest drought year.  We would prefer not to repeat that summer!  The corn planter tractor– CIH STX 420 Quadtrac–is unhitched, too, to get it under roof until the Freddie farm low ground is ready.

We are still waiting to see some corn and soybeans emerge from the soil.  The cold weather has slowed seedling development, but with the 83ºF (28C) yesterday, we are beginning to warm the soils.  Perhaps this afternoon’s rain event will help, too.

Some recent pictures from Carnahan & Sons.

With the cart and drill attached to the 4wd tractor, it makes for a long machine to turn around on the end-rows.

The view ahead as I plant soybeans

…and the view out back…

The music on K-LOVE plays most of the days…

The JD 1890-1910 air cart and NT drill wait patiently for their next turn in the field…

The 9520R is freshly washed this morning and placed back in the shed.

The CIH 420 Quadtrac and the CIH 2150 planter are stored under roof until we can return to finish off corn planting for 2021.

Weather permitting, we will hook up the new cutter (bush hog) next week and begin to make some roadsides look better.  That job will last all summer!   All in all, we are grateful for the timely planting of our corn and soybeans.




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