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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

We had a good running day yesterday.  The weather was beautiful.  76ºF (24C)  Ross and John were at the Huey farm, applying NH3.  I took the 9360R around to various fields to use a field cultivator to work in some erosion ruts.  In the afternoon, I worked on the new sprayer to change it over to apply burndown herbicide for soybean fields.  Because it’s new, it took me a while (and a few phone calls to John) to figure out how to set it up.  But once I got it set and filled, it worked beautifully.

They are making good progress with the ammonia application.  A couple good days of running, and that will be complete.  A rain after that will be welcome.  Rain is predicted for tomorrow night.  The timing could be just right.  I have been surprised by how dry and workable most fields have been.  We are far from having a drought in this part of Indiana, but the spots we would normally expect to be wet are in good condition.   The last time we had dry early conditions similar to this was 2012, the year of the great drought.  We certainly would prefer not to repeat that!

The wheat seemed to come through the recent two nights of below-freezing temperatures without damage.   It still has a very healthy appearance, and we were fortunate to get the herbicide/fungicide/growth regulator applied in a timely manner last Saturday.

We seem to be in a good place right now with the way the spring work has started.

We had a happy Easter, with the family together in the afternoon.  The weather was perfect, too.



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