Good week, rainy weekend… #plant21 on pause

Monday morning, April 12, 2021

We had a good, productive week last week with progress made each day.  But Saturday and Sunday brought us some rain and now field work is paused.  Maybe by Wednesday, we can return to field work.

During last week, the anhydrous ammonia applications were completed for the 2021 corn crop.  The NH3 went on pretty well, finishing up on Wednesday morning.  Concurrently, we started the sprayer on applying the pre-plant burndown herbicide for soybeans.   Now, we have a few fields sprayed ahead of the soybean planter.  As soon as it dries down again, John will change over and start spraying ahead of the corn planter.  He may have to switch back and forth a couple times in order to keep both planters going.  This new JD R4044 sprayer is easier to clean out between types of chemicals.  Not easy, but easier than the previous JD 4730 sprayer.

Applying soybean burndown herbicides to corn stalk residue at the home farm.

After finishing up with the NH3 and storing the applicator, John took over the spraying duties.   On Friday, I was able to turn some attention to planting soybeans here at the home farm.  It went pretty well on Friday, but on Saturday, we had periods of light rain showers.  In between rainy spells, I was able to complete the planting here.

We have re-filled the seed tender trailer with a couple different varieties.  We have a plan to use a specific bean variety at the Lett, Watjen, and Nellie fields.   It will complicate the the fill process a bit, but with two seed tanks on the air cart, we can make it work.  It is a fun job for me to get to plant soybeans!

This is how we load the soybean planter from the Vision semi truck and trailer.

Here, you see soybeans being planted in the same home field as the above sprayer video.

In another video of the sprayer, I caught up to John one evening when he was working at the Lett farm.  The LED lights in each nozzle highlight the work of the ExactApply system.  You can even see the ‘pulses’ of the spray pattern!

We expect a soon return to field work.  We will be inspecting the progress of the wheat crop later today with our Nutrien and DynaGrow consultants.

The progress may be slowed a bit with the predicted weather of the week.  Days in the 60s and nights in the 40s will slow down soil drying and the sprouting of the planted soybeans.  But no rain is in the forecast.  That’s okay for now.

Saturday’s sunset was spectacular.

Taken from the seat of the planter tractor

So far, so good for 2021!!



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