Thursday, April 1, 2021

When we woke up today, we heard the report of 32ºF (0C).  We were surprised to find no frost on the ground when we went outside.  It seems that the windy conditions overnight kept frost from forming.  Tonight, we have predictions of 21ºF (-6C).  That will certainly get our attention.  We will be inspecting the wheat crop tomorrow and for the next few days to determine if that crop has been damaged by the cold.  We are hopeful, for the 2021 wheat crop looks pretty good so far.

The first ‘field work’ of ’21 is happening today.  John has used the field cultivator to smooth some rough spots on the Two Hills fields, and this afternoon, he is using the JD 9520R tractor and 2510H applicator to apply some anhydrous ammonia.  The NH3 is the source we use for nitrogen for our corn acres.  John is taking this opportunity to test the application system to see if all the ‘bugs’ are worked out.  At 41ºF, it is pretty chilly to get enough liquid flow out of the tanks, but if he slows down, it will probably flow okay.  Anyway, it’s just a test.  Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 50s, so it will be better.  Next week will bring us some 70s, and that will be welcome… certainly appropriate for us to turn on the “green light” for field operations!

John has to run very slowly today, the cold temperatures reduce the flow out of the big white tanks.

We still need to get the sprayer across the remainder of the wheat acres.  The wind has been too strong to allow applications.   As we observe the health of the wheat in the post-freeze days, we will learn if or when we will resume the application of the blend of herbicide/fungicide/growth regulator.  After consulting with our wheat specialists, it looks like Saturday will be the earliest day to resume with the sprayer.

We send you our very best wishes for a happy and blessed Easter weekend.  We hope you have the chance to celebrate the Resurrection with your family and friends!


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