Cold and snow

Monday, February 15, 2021

As we went to church yesterday, we saw some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in years, 4ºF (-16ºC).  Even with the cold, church attendance was up from the previous week.  We did call off the evening prayer meeting and youth group, for near-zero temps were predicted.  It didn’t quite get that cold, but it was 9ºF when the day began today.

The weather channel app confirmed the cold Sunday morning.

This was our lane as we returned home from church yesterday.

We are grateful that our power has remained on, unlike some of the reports we hear from Texas.  This cold event has brought to my mind that we probably need to figure on the installation of a backup generator for the future.

Schools across southern Indiana are closed today, some for the Presidents’ Day holiday, but most for the snow and cold.  The weather reports are for a boat-load of snow (8-12″) and strong winds.  We got a little bit of snow last night, and John is out now with the JD 7130 and snow blower clearing that away.  Even if it was just a little snow, the blowing and drifting multiplies the problems.   We will need to keep running the blower occasionally as the snow comes in; a one-time clearing will not be enough.  Snow is predicted to come all day and through the night.  They are using the words “near blizzard”.  Tuesday could be interesting.  But, with the blower, we are more confident that we can keep our lane and nearby county roads passable.

John starts his way out the lane…

This will be what occupies us for a few days…

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