Talk about sloppy…

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

I must confess that I like it when it snows.  It brings a special kind of quiet to the evenings, and the white blanket is beautiful.   Until we clear a path through, it looks so clean and pure.  It was a plus to have this blanket last week when it got so very cold, near zero.  That blanket protected the wheat crop.  But this beautiful snow has a downside:  what happens when it warms back up.

Yesterday and today, the melting snow is creating streams of running water all across the farm lot, and in the lane.  It just makes it so very messy as it melts away.  As the ground thaws out, it seems extra soft and mushy.   Vehicles get crusty dirty in these days.  If it would rain, the ground would ‘settle up’ a bit better.  There will be some pickups and cars that need a wash soon.  Boots are the best fit for these days.

The farm lot has stream of melted snow running down.

Looking out from the office this morning, you can see the snow leaving, in a hurry!

So, we say “goodbye” to our snow, and we realize it’s just another step towards spring!

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