Tuesday, February 9. 2021

We had snow predicted for last night, but we got more than the 1-3″ that was forecast.  Instead, here in central Knox County, we received about 6″ (15 cm) across a narrow band that roughly followed US Highway 50.  I’m alright with that… I think that amount of snow will thoroughly protect the wheat crop from this weekend’s coming very low temperatures.  Plus, we can still get around.  This snow came without wind; therefore, we have no huge drifts that we normally expect with this much snow.  I am thankful for this beautiful blanket of white.  My guess is that not every person who lives along US 50 was thankful when they woke up this morning…

Looks like about 6″ deep

John keeps busy in the shop today, waxing up the little JD 7130.  We may need to hook up the snow blower on it!

The 7130 gets a shiny ceramic coat

I think Brandon is going to have some fun out in this snow… he has crafted an old tractor hood into a sled to pull behind his Ranger side-by-side!

Brandon is fastening a rope onto the front of this old tractor hood.

A little test run.

The tracks were deep this morning

It’s not enough to stop us from getting around…yet.

It is a beautiful day here in SWIN


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