Wednesday, February 3, 2021

The CIH 420 Rowtrac is taking its turn in the shop.  Engine oil change, filters changed, lubrication.  No tires to check the pressure, but will make sure the tension on the rubber track is correct.

John is bringing the 420 into the shop.

Once in, the tractor temperature must warm a bit to make it more comfortable to work on it.

The new oil system works pretty well.

Brandon is out with the Vision to deliver corn to ADM at Newburgh.  It is nicer weather today.  Sunny and cold.  The roads are dry.  I-69 makes the trip much more convenient!

Another load of corn heads out!

I understand that farmers in south Texas have begun to plant their 2021 corn crop.   In 9 weeks (or so) , that should be happening here!   We will do our best to be ready.

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